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Welcome to

Tranquility blu

The salty air, the fresh cut citrus, and that cool coastal feel.

With Panama City growing every year its a normal question to ask, "Are you a local?"

No Lena is not local, but she likes to think she adds to this city just the same...


 Lena Powell


For those who know her also know this woman is very talented. With her over 20 years experience in design , Lena can give you five different places or uses for any item. She lives and breathes design. She has been designing and creating everything from pillows, overalls, window hangings and flowers in eclectic containers long before understanding the terms "balance","color scheme",and "flow": and certainly before studying it.Lena has a true love for all marvelous things life and design have to offer, but most of all she enjoys the feeling she gets as she watches a client's expression as they realize their house has just become a home. Ask her where she is headed and she will happily tell you most of the time its to her wonderfully amazing store in Panama City , other times you may just find her chatting with a new client as they talk about the beginnings of a new look or design idea.

Hours 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday -Friday  Special Events & Hours Posted Monthly

1106 Harrison Avenue Panama City, FL 32401 Corner of 11th Street & Harrison Avenue

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